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99 Fire Films

Vergangenes Wochenende habe ich spontan unter der Regie von Tom von der Isar mitwirken dürfen bei (UN)ABSICHT. Und ich muss sagen, ich bin angefixt von der Challenge in 99 h einen 99 Sekünder mit Hand und Fuß herzustellen.

Last weekend I spontaneously joined in on a competition. The challenge was to get a topic and then have 99 hours to shot 99 seconds related to that topic including a certain word. This means writing, shooting, editing, etc. Not a lot of time and not a lot of sleep if you are organizing it.

With Tom von der Isar who wrote and directed this little piece called (UN)ABSICHT, we stood in the cold, debated angles, frames, lighting. And I must say – Hands on projects certainly give you a different learning experience as opposed to walking onto a film set for example. Next year I will certainly take on the 99 File Films challenge myself!

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